Soft Seating

Made to last and for heavy-duty use, our couches, armchairs and tub chairs are available in many designs. Good quality Upholstery fabrics from Weavers World, U&G Fabrics, Home Fabrics and several other fabric houses with a 30,000+ rub-rating are recommended.  Most units have leg/foot options in wood or steel.


Please enquire for details.

Tubs & Armchairs SS FKO Cyprus on Dakota  Square Base SS FKO Paris on Dakota Round  Base - Wood Back SS FKO Paris on Dakota  Round Base SS FKO Vienna SS WL Cinna_closed SS WL Neo-Fireside_round SS WL Tivoli_couch-standard SS DIT Betty Red&White SS FKO Alberon Tub SS FKO Delhi Tub SS FKO Moscow SS FKO Tristan Tub SS FKO Wellington
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SS FKO Japan on Dakota  Cross  Base Wood Back SS FKO Japan on Dakota Round Base SS FKO Madrid on Dakota  Round Base SS FKO Madrid on Dakota  Square Base SS FKO London SS FKO Salem BAR on Dakota  Square bar base SS FKO Salem on Dakota  Cross Base SS FKO Sweden on Dakota  Cross Base SS FKO Tokyo SS FKO Sydney SS FKO Tripoli SS WL Cinna_open SS WL Gemini_armchair SS WL Nordic_armchair SS FKO Zambia SS WL Sienna_armchair SS WL Titan SS FKO Tobago Wingback SS FKO Tahiti Wingback SS FKO Berlin SS FKO Barcelona2 SS WL Tivoli_armchair-full- back SS FKO Barcelona SS FKO Miami Circle SS FKO Miami End SS FKO Miami Half Round SS FKO Miami S Shape Couch Sets SS CHX Capri Double SS DIT Cubetto-White-Ottoman SS DIT Cubetto-White-Single SS DIT Cubetto-White-Slipper SS DIT CubettoDouble SS CHX Capri Single Seater SS DIT Amico Single SS DIT Amico Double SS DIT CubettoHalfchair SS DIT CubettoOttoman SS DIT Cubetto 1Glass SS DIT Cubetto 2Glass SS FKO Antonio Double SS FKO Antonio Single SS FKO Barberton Single (2) SS FKO Barberton Double SS FKO Devon Double SS FKO Durban Double SS FKO Durban Single SS FKO Dundee Single SS FKO Devon Single SS FKO Havana Double SS FKO Helsinki SS FKO Komodo Double 2012 SS FKO Komodo single  2012 SS FKO Havana Single Slipper SS FKO Havana Single SS FKO Helsinki Single SS FKO Dundee Double SS FKO Florence SS FKO Lima Single SS FKO Lima Double SS FKO Melville Double SS FKO Melville Single SS FKO Nevis Double 2012 SS FKO Nevis Single SS FKO Orkney Double SS FKO Orkney Single SS FKO Toronto Single SS FKO Toronto SS FKO St Helena Double SS FKO St Helena SS FKO Restaurant Bench SS FKO Restaurant Bench Back to  back SS FKO Ottoman SS FKO Oslo Single SS FKO Oslo Double SS FKO Oslo SS FKO Victoria Double SS FKO Victoria Single SS FKO Zanzibar Double SS FKO Zanzibar Single SS WL Gemini_couch SS WL Nordic_couch SS WL Sienna_2-seater SS FKO Dakota Cross Bar  Base SS FKO Dakota Cross Chair  Base SS FKO Dakota Round Bar  Base SS FKO Dakota Square   Bar Base SS FKO Dakota Square Chair  Base SS FKO Dakota Round Chair  Base Funky Stuff SS RA E53 SS RA E56 SS RA E58 SS RA A66 SS RA E04 SS RA G22 SS RA G40 SS RA G57 SS RA E66 SS RA G12 SS RA G89 EGG SS RA H22 SS RA H23 SS RA G60 SS RA G68 SS RA H75 SS RA J03 SS RA J04 SS RA H69 TRISTAN SS RA H72 TRISTAN SS RA J08 SS RA J36 SS RA J37 SS RA J06 SS RA J07 SS RA M25 SS RA P07 SS RA P10 SS RA L47 SS RA M09 SS RA SWAN SINGLE G84 SS RA T32 SS RA T53 SS RA SWAN DOUBLE A09 SS RA TUB T25 SS RA TUB T05 SS RA L59 SS RA P45 SS RA TUB T04
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